We have house plans…and big excavators!

To basement or not to basement?

As old(er) people, do we want a bonus?

How big should our garage be anyway?

One master walk-in or two?

Ahhh, the questions! We had so many, and vacillated between 3 or so house plans before we finally settled on a modified Quail Valley from Sedgewick Homes in Hamptonville, NC. Amanda Clack was awesome in being patient with us as we worked our way through our needs/wants/must haves for our new home. She red-lined and marked up plans through our 3 meetings with her like the pro she is!

Our red-lined plan

So you can see from the plans, the answers were no to the basement, yes to the bonus (and attic space), and a 24 x 36 garage, and 2!

Definitely 2!

Also this week, working with Kyle Michaud (and his crew) from Carolina Dozer, located in Purlear, the excavation of our site is moving along.

Excavators, oh my!

A LOT of dirt had to be moved to get us a homesite that measured at least 70×70, and of course, it’s May in Boone, so it’s been raining. The muck almost pulled me into it when going up to see the site.

Muddy Boots

The leveling and finishing should be happening by next week. We also have a pre-site visit scheduled with our construction super the first week in June! Stay Tuned!

-Michele and Don

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